Now that you finally spelled slithytove right, you may be wondering where we got a name like that. Well, we got it from Lewis Carroll's poem "Jabberwocky."
  We decided we needed more space, so we are remodeling our house.
  We had a baby!
  Pictures from our wedding
  Eric has been working at rennaissance faires since 1993, Leigh not quite that long. Here is a gallery for those of you who want to see what we look like all dressed up funny like that....
  In September 2001, we took a trip to the Mendocino coast. It was one of the best vacations either of us had had in a long time.
  Eric has been digitizing old family pictures, here are quite a few from when his Dad was a kid.
  We live in and work on a 1924 cottage. So much done, so much still to do....
  Eric's old website, still hosted on geocities
  Eric's LEGO gallery at
  A trip to our local farmer's market (Dedicated toTom and Diane)
  Images of old and classical fencing equipment
  Land O' Leigh
  Eric's Acreage



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