The Sunrise Farmer's Market

What a nice double entendre, located at Sunrise Mall, and starts at sunrise! (maybe. Even WE don't get there THAT early.)

Notice the quaint village appearance of the weather-distressed tarmac setting....

Roasted and flavored nuts are among the delicacies to be found. It's not just for veggies anymore!

"Carbs for sale, get your carbs he-ah!" When did a grocery store ever look as good as this?

Ah, Antonio! Purveyor of liquid gold ambrosia! ("Bariani olive oil" to the uninitiated...)

Dirty deeds done dirt cheap!

A tale of squash...

Home of the world's tallest clown - no stilts! And fresh baked bread too :-)

A glance back the way we've come, while we pause at the live lettuce stand.

These tomato plants grow into excellent fishing poles.

Purple artichokes, fit for royalty...

A successful trip!


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